Comic Review: Fantastic Four - Wedding Special #1

Well, here we go!

This has to have been one of the longest relationships in comics. Having Ben Grimm finally tie the knot might be the greatest… “well duh, why hasn’t that happened yet” moments. The ever lov’n blue-eyed Thing has finally decided that enough is enough and he can’t let another existence ending event go by before he marries Alicia…. buuuuuuuuut, there are a few formalities to go through first.

See, he does kinda feel the need to fulfill tradition and ask her father if he can marry her. You know, Puppet Master. That radioactive clay sculpting super villain. That might turn out awkward.


Then, there’s the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. Ben wants to make sure Susan keeps an eye on Alicia. Make sure nothing bad goes wrong. Johnny just wants to get the Bachelor Party under way… when he runs into the bridal party.


Turns out, the bachelorette party started out at a male, hero themed strip club. Things are going… well awkwardly… until the party in crashed by the hideous dweller of subterrania and commander of moleoids… Kala? She figures that she can get in the Mole Man’s good graces by breaking up the wedding of one of her would be paramore’s greatest enemies. This goes over as well as you might think it does.


Ben has some better luck with the Puppet Master. After what would appear to be a monologue about how he would ruin Ben Grimm’s life, the Puppet Master agrees to the nuptials. Ben is overjoyed and runs back how to his love to tell her the good news, just as she is putting away her very own figurine made of magic clay.


The girls night out ends up getting saved by a… Mole Man. He puts an end to the whole battle by simply telling Kala to stop. She would loose him forever if she went through with this. The Fantastic Four may be his greatest enemies… but he still believes in true love. The bachelorette party may be over, but their night is just getting started. Turns out their limo driver had to work on his 30th anniversary. So the girls take their limo driver and his wife out on the town.


Now, I’m not saying this was a great comic book, It is simple filler before the big wedding day. But it was super fun. Gail Simone and Dan Slott got a chance to get a little naughty and clever all at the same time. I was gasped aloud when I saw Alisha putting away a clay figure of her father, but the more I thought about it, the more right it seemed. Ben is the kinda guy who would have let her father’s disapproval sour his mood and Alisha doesn’t think he deserves that (nor does she want to go through with that). Just fix the problem, and nobody is the wiser. Might not be right, or honest, but it is something I think most of us would have done. All of this was only exemplified by Lara Braga’s art, which is amazing as ever.

Overall, this book is worth a pickup. I can’t wait to see what Johnny has planned for the Bachelor Party.

Rating: 8.5/10 Stripper Iron Man