Roll20 Is Getting Lambasted on Reddit

What started as a valid complaint has evolved into a massive headache for RPG service provider Roll20.

On September 25, Reddit user ApostleO presented a detailed case of a mishandling of his Reddit account from r/Roll20, which had banned him for essentially having a similar account name as a Redditor that had been banned one year ago.

ApostleO documented his contact with Roll20, from emails to DMs to various social media attempts, and was met with passive aggression and inaction. His meticulous recording of the scenario showed readers a frustrated user seemingly betrayed by a service provider he had monetarily supported for years, and the indifference and cavalier dismissal by Roll20 and its representatives was disturbing.

Roll20 co-founder and subreddit mod Nolan T Jones attempted to defuse the situation, but by commenting he essentially doubled-down on Roll20’s obvious error and provided one of the most-downvoted comments in Reddit history.

As things tend to do on Reddit, the conversation snowballed, leading many users to cancel and delete their Roll20 accounts. Most of the conversations on the widely popular thread r/DND consisted of users discussing the events, most of them venting their frustrations concerning the provider.

DnD  Roll for Initiative .png

Thankfully, this has had an interesting development where other RPG providers have been able to attract attention to their own hard work that would often be overshadowed by Roll20.

This is still a developing situation, and we’ll update this piece when new pieces arise.

UPDATE: Moderators of r/Roll20 (who also happen to be co-creators of have been deleting posts on the subreddit which criticized their behavior:

Screenshot captured by /u/secretlives on Reddit

Screenshot captured by /u/secretlives on Reddit

Also, original poster ApostleO has posted a plea for Redditors not to verbally abuse Roll20 admin. Things have gotten pretty bad.