COMIC REVIEW: Green Arrow #1

"Hey, pretty bird."

Ollie is BACK, yo! Let me start by saying, unapologetically, that Green Arrow and Black Canary are far and away my favorite couple in comics. Why? Because aside from their unreal good looks, they're such a real couple in such fantastic situations.

Shipping. Super shipping. 

Shipping. Super shipping. 

Green Arrow #1 picks up mid-action with Ollie, Emi and Dinah searching for answers the best way they know how - with violence. After beating and bribing up some answers, the team retreats for the above ... ahem ... R and R. Emi's fangirl moment over Dinah singing is perfect. It helps keep the book grounded in reality when it still needs to be there.

Ollie and Dinah ride around town as we see the Queen name plastered everywhere. After some truth bombs, the plot begins to twist and turn. Is it a liiiiittle bit formulaic?

Sure, but in a good way.  

I enjoy the story Benjamin Percy is setting up so far and with his clear affectionate treatment of our lovebirds (pun fully intended); I'm along for the ride.

The highlight of Percy's writing is the pacing. This may seem odd, but many writers now try to cram too much into one issue. Percy is content to tell the story at the pace he feels it needs to go. There is no agenda to get to an imaginary point in X issues. This pacing feels deliberate, like Percy wants you to be ecstatic for the payoff when it comes. 

Oh and there's a line about fishnets that is A+ writing.

Green Arrow #1 cover art

Green Arrow #1 cover art

Otto Schmidt handles the art and colors and I hope that continues, basically, forever. Ollie looks so great in and out of costume. The jawline, the eyes, THE GOATEE!!! God. The goatee. I could give that beautiful face rug it's own paragraph, I missed it that much.

Here's the biggest praise I can give Otto - He makes Black Canary sexy without making it an exercise in objectification. Dinah is gorgeous but not god-like, and I hope this makes sense. Black Canary looks like a real woman and it's perfect. Her movements, her hair, her style. 


  OVERALL RATING: 9 out of 10 Arrows To My Heart

Green Arrow #1 is the opening chapter of a grand love story set against the backdrop of a superhero saga. Otto Schmidt is incredible on the art and colors while Benjamin Percy seems like he's got a story to tell. I'm in for the ride.