Comic Review: Vote Loki #1

I have to admit some bias here.  I've loved Loki, both the villain and the Norse god he was named for, forever.  Tricksters are my jam.

So, I vote Loki.

Christopher Hastings and Langdon Foss have brought us a politically satirical gift in the form of a Loki comic, and the timing is impeccable.  It's set in the midst of a presidential election, with two nominees that are said to be completely unlikable, and the people are voting for the lesser evil.  Enter Loki during a rather convenient Hydra attack at a press conference, protecting the candidates and citizens and making off-handed remarks about running for president.  Then saying he's not running.  And then running anyway.

Not only do we get to see some relevant jabs at politics (J. Jonah Jameson and Loki have a fun discussion about Loki's birth certificate and his eligibility to run for president), but Loki's in full, comical trickster mode, paying homage to his past by appearing as a woman in order to get the female vote, and otherwise being a scamp/evil-doer.

Foss' art leans toward the almost cartoon-like side, a well-done Mad Magazine-like style that keep this book from being a little too real, and is a master of capturing emotion; from journalist Nisa's disgust and rage towards Loki to the title character's smarmy smirk.

Bonus, there's a fun cameo at the end.

I give this one a 7/10; it's a fun, silly read, with a lot of promise to get even more entertaining.  The art style isn't for everyone, and not everyone appreciates political satire, but if you do, I'd definitely suggest picking this one up.