Comic Review: Grayson Annual #3

Dick Grayson's super spy days are done. All memory of his death (and existence) has been erased from all but a few peoples memories across the planet. He can put on his skin tight acrobatic suit and rejoin the bat family as Nightwing. But we do need a fitting send off for our toned and nimble agent of Spyral, and the annual does not disappoint.

Like most annuals, it is a large collaborative effort. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are heading the writing of the tales spun in this comic, but behind them they have a small army of artists, inkers, and colorists. Each team brings their own flavor to the table. Some, more successful than others. But excellence of the narrative brings it all together. 

I assume you like breakfast after a long night not sleeping.

Mild spoilers follows:

The mysterious Detective Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) has brought four very different individuals together: John Constantine, Harley Quinn, Simon Baz, and Azrael. The only common thread that each of these individuals have is that they all had a separate encounter encounter with the mysterious Agent 37. Each individual in turn, explains their interaction with the spy with the glutes of steel. In each instance, the handsome ne'er do well, helps them in some fashion, even to the detriment of his supposed mission. Corrigan interacts with the story tellers in turn, and after the last member has told their story, he asks the question which all (except Simon Baz) know the answer to:

“Who is Agent 37”

Jim Corrigan wants to know.

He’s obviously Dick Grayson.


That’s all the mysterious Corrigan needs hear. His image is replaced with that of his true form, Dick Grayson. Everyone reacts differently. The reveal doesn’t really shock Constantine. Azrael bows in homage. Harley is about to jump him (in the good way). Simon Baz is about to jump him (in the bad way). Grayson reveals he has all infected them with the same nanites that course through his veins. Constantine asks if he about to meet the same fate as the vampires Grayson torched. Instead, Grasyon whispers the memory wipe trigger word, and leaves everybody to wake up wondering what happened.

This book wasn’t necessary, but it was fun. We get to relive some of the amazing adventures that Grayson and Bertinelli have gone through over the past three years. It’s cathartic in a way. We left Dick and Helena in a rather heart wrenching break up scene when last we saw them. I much rather remember them diving off a Gotham building looking for adventure.

That’s all we really wanted.

Rating: 8/10 Grayson Butt References